ISO 9000-2000 company. A testimony to the highest standards of quality control that's maintained at each and every stage of the overall management at Dindayal.

Giving a modern orientation to an ancient science
For more than 2 centuries, the House of Dindayal has been associated with formulation and development of Ayurvedic medicines. It's a legacy that has led to the initiative of ensuring that the benefits of this ancient process of healing are available to the modern world.
Indeed, Ayurveda has now found acceptance amongst the aware in all walks of life as a time-tested method of treatment for a variety of ailments. Be it Diabetes, Psychology, Gynaecology, Gastroentrology or Paediatrics, Ayurveda has proved to be of tremendous benefit in all these fields.
Combining ancient science with the latest technology, Dindayal has developed more than 500 Ayurvedic products & medicines including OTC and non-OTC products that have been well received not just in India but also abroad. The range comprises Ayurvedic vitalizers, health supplements, health drinks, health care products and personal care products. All of these are produced at Dindayal's three state-of-the-art plants. At every step from the selection of herbs, plants, flowers and roots to the mixing, fermenting, processing and final packaging the highest standards of quality are maintained.
What has helped the House of Dindayal acquire a commanding stature in the field of Ayurveda is the fusion of unbeatable quality with a nationwide presence.